Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I will not miss out again...

Brimfield. For the last 3 years I have been living vicariously through part of my family. My mom, sisters, and my great aunt have been going up to Yankee Country for "the premier antique experience". I have gotten gifts, I have seen pictures, my wedding decorations came from here, and I will not miss out again. They go all over Massachusetts: Boston, Salem, Cape Cod and Martha's Vinyard! I have been gifted an amazing plethora of look-what-we-found-for-you items, including, but not limited to: About 10 vintage umbrellas. 3 bowling pins. A wizard wand, dragon egg, and various potion ingredients. A vintage Muff to keep my hands warm, since it gets so cold in Texas. An 80 y/o mixing bowl with my new last name on the bottom. A wicker top hat light fixture. A Martha's Vinyard t-shirt. A Brimfield Antiques shirt. And more! As I have seen the possibilities for what COULD come home and I am no longer willing to sit idly by and watch, via MMS text messaging while my family has all the fun. I will be going next May! Days after their return I have seen old birdcages, children's furniture, a huge trunk and various pieces of vintage luggage, a rack for my dad's sewing room, a German tree stand, loads of vintage ribbon and wrapping materials, boxes of prime barthcloth and I am TIRED of not being part of the picking crew. My work and my husband will have to do without my for a couple weeks next year! I am grabbing my muff and buying wellies and a raincoat and I will embark cross-country with these amazing women to experience the best of picking and antiquing and old-world architecture. Wish me luck and in the words of these women, so help me God, "I will not chop wood"!

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  1. So, you really think we’re amazing? Aww, that’s so sweet. I’m so glad you’re going with us next year. We will have so much fun. So, here’s some priceless advice from an “Amazing Woman” to our newest “Brimfield Rookie”.
    1. When packing, less is more
    2. It’s not polite to push, especially in Mike’s
    3. Never turn down anything free (unless you have to feed it)
    4. ALWAYS, ALWAYS have a razor sharp ax on hand because the question is not whether or not you will chop wood. The question is HOW MUCH?!?
    Love You,